Why IFL? – The Competitive Edge

Ideal Finance Limited enters a milieu of a growing economy which based on government vision is readying for an era of unbridled development. This in turn, posts new opportunities for Registered Finance Companies which now deals with an educated and knowledgeable customer base that continues to expand and discerningly demands unique and innovative products and services. This certainly augurs extremely well for IFL, which with its very pragmatic and visionary combination of knowledge, resources and expertise, stands to gain exemplary advantage from this emerging environment. In a nutshell, the IFL competitive edge is encompassed in the following:

  • Ideal Motors (Pvt) Limited, IFL’s promoter is a strong player in the motor vehicle industry in Sri Lanka and collates the strength and capability to provide capital, market insight, management input and business leadership.
  • Being under the Ideal Group’s umbrella IFL is armed with the brand recognition, access to a well-established Branch & Dealer network, greater presence in the value chain & cost efficiency.
  • IFL enjoys the advantage of having an Icon recognized world-wide for solid batting with stylish strokes; Aravinda De Silva, as Company’s Brand Ambassador.
  • The IFL Board of Directors has proven strong and diverse experience, knowledge and skill garnered from international corporate milieus.
  • The senior management team infuses innovative thinking, vast experience and an unrelenting commitment to socially responsible financial services.
  • IFL encompasses a team that will function in an overarching knowledge gaining culture, where training and development will be continuous and individual potential and competencies optimized.
  • Unprecedented infusion of initial equity and long term debt capital into IFL.
  • Due to the impressive backing and significant knowledge base, high ability to raise foreign term debt with no exchange rate exposure.
  • State of the art sophisticated ICT platform including a mobile application to manage operations with lower lead time, higher efficiency and productivity and prudent financial management.
  • Unique business model that continuously analyzes emerging trends, challenges, opportunities, regional diversity and risk that fuels a product and service portfolio designed to be more responsive and preventive in the Non-Performing arena.
  • IFL works on a different and unique strategy where niche markets will be identified and served and serviced on a customized basis with a high awareness and education extended to the customer.