Poised to create wealth and sustain the avenues pursued in creating wealth, Ideal Finance Limited remains unshakeable in its founding ethos that by creating wealth, there ensues a powerful financial landscape that will permeate sustainability in all development dimensions among people. Through a wide and expansive financial services and product portfolio encompassing micro and SME financing, margin trading, investment savings, securitized notes, leasing and hire purchase, IFL aims to create the apt milieu in sustainable financial development.

IFL is a Registered Finance Company coming under the aegis of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and was mooted through the pragmatic coming together of two visionary companies. The founding base is on the vision and plans being implemented in the burgeoning economic development landscape of Sri Lanka. With the economy designed to encourage entrepreneurship and foreign investment as vital conduits in meeting the nation’s economic vision, Sri Lanka’s Ideal Motors (Pvt) Limited and its strategic partner, Japan’s Nishiya Mokkou Company Limited broke new ground together, in founding Ideal Finance Limited. This assuredly adds fillip to Sri Lanka’s vision of becoming a commercial hub and to the macro plans of spurring entrepreneurship and foreign investment for spearheading sustainable development. Having studied the financial landscape of the country and the independent views and analysis conducted by global experts including the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and the IMF, IFL has taken steps to promote aggressive investment, lending and savings, which in turn will cascade to financial buoyancy.

The IFL business model is designed to propel the Registered Finance Company sector growth through foreign equity and long term debt investment, aptly spurred through strategic planning, targeted forecasts and a pragmatic business plan. There are plans to grow the IFL footprint through nine branches based in key provinces of the country to further etch its presence, while gaining the expertise of respected industry and corporate stewards who will lead and direct a professional management team, ideally suited to inspire and stimulate the growth intended.